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Product Description:

Descriptions: Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain and Sensor Port
Fits: Caterpillar Equipment
Replaces: Caterpillar 326-1644
Thread: 1-14
O.D.: 4 1/4 (108.0)
Length: 7 5/8 (193.7)
I. Gskt.: [1] Included
O. Ring: [2] Included


Agco CH1R0770, CH1R-0770, Baldwin BF1284SP, BF1284-SP, BF1399SP, BF1399-SP,Bomag 332095639, Caterpillar 1R0770, 3261644, 326-1644, Donaldson P550626,Fleetguard FS19820, Fram PS10264,  Luberfiner LFF6770, LFF6771SC, Napa 3606, 3787, Schupp SF SK3322, Wix33606, 33787, 533787

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