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Product Description:

Descriptions: Dual-Flow Lube Spin-on,Iveco oil filter 2997305 1903715
Fits: Allis Chalmers, Fiat-Allis, New Holland Equipment; Iveco Buses, Trucks
Replaces: Iveco 1903715  2997305
Thread: M30 x 2.0
O.D.: 4 1/4 (108.0)
Length: 8 7/16 (214.3)
I. Gskt.: [1] Included

AC Delco
PF2060, Alco SP1025, Baldwin BD321, BD325, Bosch 451403200, 451-403-200, Coopers Fiaam FT5121, FT5122, LSF5005, LSF5025, Crosland 2137, 2138, Donaldson P550342, Fiat 1902102, 1930542, 1930906, 19309061, 4797733, 74787733, First Line FLF502, FLF504, Fleetguard LF3482, LF3594, Fleetrite LFR83482, LFR83594, Fram PH5101, PH5103, PH8679, General Motors 25014614, Greyfriars 9037S, 9042S, Hengst H220WN, Hitachi 1931048, Iveco 1903629, 1903715, 1907581, 1907584, 4787733, 61315398, 61315399, 98432653, Kralinator D1429, Luberfiner LFP8597, LFP8597E, LFP8982, LFP8982E, Mahle Knecht OC226, OC228, OC267, Mann and Hummel 1047748S01, WP1169, Orenstein and Koppel 1465845, Permatic FH302V, FH305V, Purflux LS236, Purolator Facet L57572, Renault 5001846646, 6005019783, Sakura C5705, C-5705, Savara 928417, 92841717, 928418, 92841817, SO417, SO418, Schupp SF Filter SP4433, Sure Filter SFO3594, Tecnocar RD3001, RD3005, UFI 23.301.00, 23.305.00, 2330100, 2330500, Wix 51429, 551429, Woodgate WGL3482, WGL9020

Allis Chalmers FL14E(), FR15B(), Case 228(Iveco 8210.22 Eng.), 240(Iveco 8210.42 Eng.), Ford New Holland FX450 Forager, Hitachi EX220, FH220LC, EX240, FD175/3, FH330-3, Iveco 340E34 Eurotrak, 170E23, 260E27K, 190/30, Eurorider 35, Beuleas, 120E23(8060.45.6090 Eng. (02/92-04/01)), 130E23(8060.45.6090 Eng. (04/92-04/01)), 135E23(8060.45STCA Eng. (01/94-04/01)), 150E23(8060.45.6090 Eng. (02/92-04/01)), 150E27(8360.46.417TCA Eng. (09/91-04/01)), 170.30(), 170.33(), 170E23(8060.45STCA Eng. (01/94-04/01)), 179E27(8360.46 Eng.), 175E27(8360.46 Eng.), 175.24(8460.21 Eng.), 180E43(8210TCA Eng.), 180E34(8460TCA Eng.), 180E34(8210.42, 8360.46, 8460.41 Engs.), 180E38(8210TCA Eng.), 180E27(8210.42, 8360.46, 8460.41 Engs.), 180.27(), 180E42(8210TCA Eng.), 180E23(8060.45S Eng. (01/98-05/01)), 180E23(8060.45S, 8360.45 Engs. (01/98-05/01)), 180E27(8360.45 Eng. (01/98-05/01)), 180E27(8060.45S, 8360.45 Engs. (01/98-05/01)), 180E24(8210.42, 8360.46, 8460.41 Engs.), 180E30(8210.42, 8360.46, 8460.41 Engs.), 190.26(), 190E34(), 190E37(8210.42, 8360.46, 8460.41 Engs.), 190E24;190E27;190E30(8210.42, 8360.46, 8460.41 Engs.), 190.26(8460.21 Eng.), 190E30(), 19024(), 190.30(8210.22 Eng.), 190.30(), 190.32(), 190.32;190.33P,-PT,-T(), 190.33P,-PT,-T(), 190E47(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs.), 190.36P,-PT,-T(), 190.38(), 190.38(8280.22 Turbo Eng.), 190E38(8460.41(TCA) Eng. (06/92-on)), 190E42(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs.), 190E42(8210.42L.TCA Eng. (04/92-on)), 190E42(8210TCA Eng. (04/92-on)), 190E47(8210.42M.(TCA) Eng. (04/92-05/01)), 220.32(), 220.36(), 220.36; 220.38(), 220.38(8280.22 Turbo Eng.), 240.26(), 240E38(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs. (04/92-on)), 240E38(8460.41L.5020 Eng. (09/92-on)), 240E34(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs.), 240E38(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs.), 240E42(8210.42L.400 Eng. (04/92-on)), 240E42(8210 Eng. (04/92-on)), 240.30(), 240.32(Iveco Eng.), 240.36(), 240.38(8280.22 Turbo Eng.), 240E47(8210.42M (TCA) Eng. (11/95-05/01)), 260.30(), 260.32(Iveco Eng.), 260.36(), 260E23T(8060.45S Eng. (12/91-05/01)), 260E47(8210.42M (TCA) Eng. (06/92-05/01)), 260E38(8460.41 Eng.), 260E27T(8360.46.417TCA Eng. (09/91-12/00)), 260E37(8210.42 Eng.), 260E38(8460.41L TCA Eng. (06/92-09/95)), 260E42(8210.42L.400 Eng. (04/92-on)), 260E42(8460.41 Eng.), 280E Series(), 280E23T(8060.45S.6700 Eng. (12/91-05/01)), 320E27T(8360.46.417TCA Eng. (10/91-04/01)), 330.36H(), 330.30H,-HT(8210.22 Eng.), 330E Series(), 340E34(8210.42 Eng.), 340E37(8210.42 Eng.), 370S.10.24; 370S.12.24(Iveco 8460.21 Eng.), 370.12.25, 400E37(8210.42 Eng.), 400E38(8460.41L.5020 Eng. (09/92-on)), 400E38(8210.42 Eng.), 400E30;400E34(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs.), 400E34(), 400E42(8210TCA Eng.), 400E42(8210.42 Eng.), 410E42(8210.42 Eng.), 410E37(8210.42 Eng.), 440E47(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs.), 440E42(8210TCA Eng.), 440E42(8210.42L.400 Eng. (04/92-on)), 440E38(8460.41L(TCA) Eng. (04/93-on)), 440E34;440E38;440E42(8210.42, 8460.41 Engs.), 440E47(8210.42M.(TCA) Eng. (04/92-05/01)), 8460 Series, LD180E42/P(8210TCA Eng. (04/92-on)), LD400E42T/FP; LD400E42T/P; LD400E42TX/P(8210TCA Eng. (04/92-on)), ML120E18D(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E18K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E18R(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E18R/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML100E15K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML100E15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML100E18K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E15K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E18K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML110E23K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML110E23S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E15K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL18RS(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL21/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML100E18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML100E21S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML110E15K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML110E15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML110E18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E23/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E23K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E23R(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL21R(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL21R/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL21S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E15/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML210E23T/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML250E23T/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML320E27T/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML65E12K(8040TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML75E12K(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engs. (12/91-on)), ML75E12S(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engs. (12/91-on)), ML75E14D(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engs. (12/91-on)), ML75E14K(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engs. (12/91-on)), ML130E18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E23/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E23K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E23S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E15K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E18/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E18D(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML130E18K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML135E18WS(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML135E18WT(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML135E23WS(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML135E23WT(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E15/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E23R/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120E23S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL18/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML120EL18R/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E23/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E23K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E23S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML180E18D(8060TCA Eng.), ML180E21T/P(8060TCA Eng.), ML65E12S(8040TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML65E14K(8040TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML65E14S(8040TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML80E21S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML95E15WS(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML95E15WT(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML95E21WS(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML95E21WT(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E23/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E23K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML140E23S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E15/P(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E15K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E18K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML150E18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML80E15K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML80E15S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML80E18K(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML80E18S(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), ML75E14S(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engs. (12/91-on)), ML75E15K(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engs. (12/91-on)), ML75E15S(8040TCA, 8060TCA Engs. (12/91-on)), ML80E15D(8060TCA Eng. (12/91-on)), Leforte Shearer(Iveco Eng.), Teksic Grinder(Iveco Eng.)


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