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Product Description:

Descriptions: Fuel Spin-on
Fits: Iveco EuroTech Trucks with Cursor Engine
Replaces: Iveco 2991585,1931100;Fleetguard FF5457; MANN WDK962/16; Baldwin 7696
Thread: M16 x 1.5
O.D.: 3 11/16 (93.7)
Length: 8 1/8 (206.4)
I. Gskt.: G381-A

Baldwin BF7696, Coopers Fiaam FSM4171, FT5527, Crosland 5000, Donaldson P550664,Fiat 1907460, 99484067, Fleetguard FF5457, Fleetrite FFR85457, Fram P8943, HengstH18WDK04,  Iveco 02991585, 1931100, Leyland Daf 1328177, Mahle Knecht KC187, Mann and Hummel 1016602S01, WDK962/10, WDK962/16, WDK96210, WDK96216, WDK96217, UFI 2439600, Wix 33662



Ford Engine(Cursor C8 Eng.), Iveco Trakker Euro 4(Cursor 8/360 Eng.), 180E31(Cursor E0681B Eng. (10/98-on)), 180E24(Cursor E0618D Eng. (10/98-on)), 180E27(Cursor E0618C/F Eng. (10/98-on)), 190E24(Cursor E0618D Eng. (11/98-on)), 190E27(Cursor E0681 Eng. (11/98-on)), 190E31(Cursor E0681B Eng. (11/98-on)), 190E35(Cursor E0681A Eng. (11/98-on)), 240E31(Cursor E0681B Eng. (10/98-on)), 240E35(Cursor E0681A Eng. (10/98-on)), 250(Cursor 8 Eng. (04/05-on)), 260E31(Cursor E0681B Eng. (11/98-on)), 260E35(Cursor E0681A Eng. (10/98-on)), 260E24(Cursor E0618D Eng. (11/98-on)), 260E27(Cursor E0681 Eng. (11/99-on)), 270(Cursor 8 Eng. (09/04-on)), 270(Cursor 8 Eng. (06/03-09/04)), 270(Cursor 8 Eng. (04/05-on)), 310(Cursor 8 Eng. (04/05-on)), 310(Cursor 8 Eng. (06/03-09/04)), 310(Cursor 8 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/06-on)), 310(Cursor 8 Eng. (09/04-on)), 330(Cursor 8 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/06-on)), 350(Cursor 8 Eng. (09/04-on)), 350(Cursor 8 Eng. (06/03-08/04)), 360(Cursor 8 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/06-on)), 400E31(Cursor E0681B Eng. (10/98-on)), 400E35(Cursor E0681A Eng. (10/98-on)), 440E31(Cursor E0681B Eng. (11/98-on)), 440E35(Cursor E0681A Eng. (10/98-on)), AD260S31Y/PS(Cursor 8-310 Eng. (06/03-on)), AD260S35Y/PS(Cursor 8-352 Eng. (06/03-on)), AD260S35Y/P(Cursor 8-352 Eng. (06/03-on)), AD260S27Y/P(Cursor 8-273+ Eng. (06/03-on)), AD190S35/P(Cursor 8-352 Eng. (06/03-on)), AD190S27/P(Cursor 8-273 Eng. (06/03-on)), AD190S31/P(Cursor 8-310 Eng. (06/03-on)), AD260S27Y/PS(Cursor 8-273+ Eng. (06/03-on)), AD260S31Y/P(Cursor 8-310 Eng. (06/03-on)), AT440S35T/P(Cursor 8-352 Eng. (06/03-09/04)), Cursor 10 Series, Cursor 8, Cursor 8 Series, Cursor E06 Series, Eurotech(Cursor Eng.),Leyland Daf F95XF

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